A Empresa [en]

About the company

Founded in 1985 at its first facilities in Santa Clara, our company has been treading over the years a path of evolution, following the technical changes that occur all the time, and seeking to establish relationship with the best suppliers and brands available in the market, national and international. Featuring the best solutions, always at the best prices.

Reflecting this same evolutionary path, our company today finds itself in its current facilities in the Alto das Romeiras, warehouse 12, Eiras.

Here, we have not just larger facilities, but also more equipment and a greater diversity of materials at your disposal, but as always, with the service and availability that characterizes us, since 1985, through two generations of the same family. Our family and your family for over twenty-five years of Tubomáquinas.

What do we do?

Located in Coimbra since the founding, the Tubomáquinas Ltd. is a family-oriented company, established for over twenty-five, whose activity falls mainly, but not exclusively, in the areas of hydraulics and pneumatics.

With a vast experience, we present a complete and diverse range of products available to our customers.